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We supply Water-based Inks more than you think!

Water based Flexo inks are eco-friendly and economical for package printing. The Flexographic inks from Pemotech Solution exhibit better heat resistance, water resistance, form Resistance, drying, good transfer property than any other standard inks available in the Market.

The consistent quality and supply of Siegwerk inks make it one of the most preferred choices for buyers.

It is perfect for high and low speed roll-to-roll printing and is extensively used for multiple applications like Labels, Corrugation, Paper cup printing, Paper Bag Printing, Customized Envelope Printing, Tea Tag Printing and various other important avenues including the healthcare products.

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We supply Water based Inks for different Applications!

Labels Printing Inks

Water-Based Ink for Labels Printing

The Pemotech's water-based ink technology is mainly intended for printing self-adhesive labels, tickets, and tags.

Labels are your product's face. We supply the Flexographic Inks for High Resolution Labeling to make your labels look attractive and appealing.

Labels Printing Inks

Corrugation Printing Inks

As a Corrugation ink supplier, we offer a wide range of inks, coatings, and overprints for diverse types of corrugated printing—from simple brown boxes to specialized high-end graphics on complex textures and surfaces.

Labels Printing Inks

Thermal / Billing Roll Inks

The Thermal/Billing Roll is perfect for medicine cabinets and may be used to print patient information, receipts, and etc. Our Special inks for Bills have a unique chemical composition to ensure withstanding high temperature and remain intact for a longer duration.

Labels Printing Inks

Tissue Papers Printing Inks

Specially curated light shades for the tissue papers. We are one of the best Tissue paper printing inks suppliers in Chennai. We supply Tissue Paper ink on a budgeted price to ensure that you sell more and worry less!

Labels Printing Inks

Paper Bag & Sack Printing Inkds

Ink that doesn’t get dissolved in water. We supply Inks that fit all kinds of patterns and bag materials from brown to white. Long-lasting and stylish printing inks makes your bags stylish yet durable. Our products are used in the industries deals in the manufacturing of highly durable paper bags & Sack bags.

Labels Printing Inks


Paper cups can also be made interesting! Paper cups are used for multiple liquids including Tea, Coffee or cold drinks, the inks that we supply withstand a range of temperatures, whether it’s cold or hot. The stylish patterns on the paper cups with these inks make them perfect all party occasions.

Labels Printing Inks


Packaging makes or breaks a product’s identity, and compromising on any part of it can have serious consequences. With special inks crafted by us, you can deliver stylish printed wraps and packages that offer not just a product but an emotion too.

Labels Printing Inks


Pemotech supplies an extensive range of sustainable Water-based inks, Coatings & Overprints for printing great-looking packaging for Burgers & French fries using food grade raw materials and inks to ensure safety and hygeine.

Labels Printing Inks


We offer a diverse range of products that include Water Resistance and Repellent Coatings. Our quality products are rigorously tested first under expert supervision. Our goal is to provide quality Water-resistant coatings at reasonable prices.

Labels Printing Inks


We offer water-based table spread paper printing inks which are suitable for gravure and flexo printing on coated and uncoated papers. Our environmentally friendly inks are seamlessly integrated into production processes and contribute to sustainability.

Labels Printing Inks


We are a leading supplier of water-based inks for Non-woven Fabric Bags & paper bags printing. Our products are used in a wide range of commercial and residential applications with using quality approved raw materials procured from reliable vendors in the industry.

Labels Printing Inks


Want to create a bright, opaque, and flexible soft-hand print? We offer a variety of inks from mixing systems to ready-to-use lines to meet the demands of printers. We offer environmentally friendly water-based inks with a super soft hand, making them ideal for all types of printing applications.

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Coatings We offer for Diverse Applications


Enables proper adheshion between the ink & substrate.

High Scuff

Extra repellent coating to protect your product from dirt, damage, and fingerprints. The matte finish gives a higher appeal to the buyers.

High Glass Varnish

Shiny, scuff-resistant coating to make your products look attractive yet safe.

Matt Varnish

The varnish gives a matte texture, boosts radiance, and creates a classy appearance.


As the name suggests, the coating produces transparent layers on the surface of the product, protecting it from the dirt and giving a pearlish glow on the surface.

Pantone Color

Pantone Color System

We strictly adhere to the Pantone Color System that helps us deliver colors that perfectly match your brand outlook. We consider everything while we provide you with our services.

These include machine speed, the material on which printing is to be done, and Anilox Roller. Every tiny detail can make a difference, and therefore perform a critical analysis to ensure we deliver the best for your brand.


  • Using the Pantone Color system, we optimize selection time and deliver you exactly the colors that fit your brand identity.
  • It assists manufacturers and others in preventing problems such as color differences between the design and the actual product.
  • It helps to avoid unnecessary confusion and prevents unnecessary label wastage.
  • It gives you time to think more about detailing and patterns rather than wasting extra time on matching colors.
  • We match Pantone's unique colors for water-based inks.

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You don’t have to wait for great things to happen! Take your first step into the league of greatness!

Let’s Talk about Requirements!

You don’t have to wait for great things to happen! Take your first step into the league of greatness!

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