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Quality UV Flexo & UV LED Ink Supplier in Chennai

It requires UV light to cure through the polymerization process. Offering many advantages over traditional drying methods, UV curing has been shown to increase production speed, reduce reject rates, improve scratch and solvent resistance, and facilitate superior bonding.

We Offer:

  • High quality UV inks for Narrow web and letterpress printing.          


  • High strength ink for printing with up to 1800 lpi Anilox.

  • Special color ink depending on the machine speed, anilox, substrate, over printing or post printing process.

  • High strength, high gloss, high scuff and excellent curing properties.

  • Different grades of UV inks for different filmic substrates of PP, PE, and MET PET.


UV Overprint Varnish – UV radiation curable coatings amplify gloss and scuff resistance.

UV High Gloss Varnish – This UV coating is a tough-clear coat applied to protect against scratches, tears and fingerprints. It also enhances the brilliance of the ink colours.

UV Matt Varnish – It is one of the popular effects achieved through UV coatings apart from gloss, pearlescent and other textured coatings. It gives a sleek and elegant look.

Pearlescent – This lustrous effect is brought upon by mixing pearl additives with gloss UV giving it a luxurious appearance.

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We are matching pantone special color for water based, UV flexo and UV letter press inks. Also, we consider the parameter of machine speed, Anilox Roller (LPI), Substrate and special application (Lamination or coating in end process) during the process.


      • Color matching will be faster and accurate. It reduces idle time of                             machine during matching.

      • The substrate wastage in label market can be reduced, by having readily               mixed pantone/special color ink.


      • We have an anilox proofer with different lpi (lines per inch) to match the              color according to customer anilox, substrate specification.

      • Special color can be matched from customer specified pantone color,                     Printed sample and ink sample.

      • Repeated order of pantone/special colors will be supplied with same                     standard in every supply.

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