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PEMOTECH is Authorized Distributor partner of Trodat Stamping machine

PEMOTECH is now the official partner of TRODAT to supply rubber stamp making machines.


We grabbed the distribution rights for all over Tamil Nadu.  For those who are either interested in starting their own business or are already in the industry, this is an outstanding opportunity and an excellent business idea. Begin earning profits from DAY 1 by connecting with us today.



  • ROI - Within 3 months

  • Make Profit - 1000 rs / day

  • Working Time - Less than 10 Mins/Pcs

  • Table Top / No place require / Easy process

  • 1 Year Service Warranty

  • New business plan with cost of Mobile Phone


  1.  Easy operations

  2.  Low maintenance

  3.  Outstanding performance

  4.  Longer functional life

  5.  One machine for all kinds of Fash stamps.





  • The machine may only be used in closed and dry areas. Do not operate it in explosive environments.

  • Make sure that the machine is situated away from heat sources or equipment that may generate excessive vibration, dust or moisture.

  • To prevent condensation inside the Flash Machine avoid exposing it to sudden temperature changes.

  • The machine may only be operated on a stable, even and clean work surface. Serious injury to the operator and damage to the machine can result from poor machine placement.

  • Do not use the machine with non-grounded power sources. Operate the machine only with a power

source that meets the specifications indicated on the label at the back of the machine.

  • Do not overload wall sockets, extension cords or surge protectors with other devices as this can result in a risk of fire or electrical shock. Power supply cords should be routed so that they are not likely to be walked on or pinched by items placed against them.

  • Do not use any accessories or supplies (spacers, glass plates, vellum papers, transparency sheets etc.) that

are not recommended or supplied by Trodat, as this may cause hazards.

  • Always unplug the machine from the power supply prior to any installation, maintenance or cleaning procedures.

  • Very high voltages may be inside the machine (due to capacitors). Never modify or bridge any of the

safety features. Serious injuries due to an electric shock or unintentional exposure could be the consequence.

  • Do not use the machine if it shows any damage. Immediately disconnect it from the power supply.

  • The electric power supply cables must not show any damages or material fatigue.

  • Never attempt to disassemble or repair the machine. Electrical repairs should only be done by a qualified and authorized technician (familiar with these types of electronics and capacitors).

  • Do not dispose of the machine with domestic waste! Electronic devices have to be disposed according to

the regional directives on electronic and electric waste disposal.

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