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Doctor Blade is used to wipe excess ink from image carrier in gravure and anilox rollers in flexo printing. Our assortments are filled with Doctor Blades of three quality range – Carbon Steel Blade, Stainless Steel Blade and Non-coated Blade with size ranging from 10mm to 50mm.


• Doctor blades can be made of either a plastic material or a metal such as steel. The thickness of different types of doctor blades can vary greatly; generally they are not over 1/16 inches (1.6 mm) thick.


• A doctor blade helps to make a uniform print. Without a doctor blade, a printing cylinder would be likely to distribute uneven amounts of ink and ruin the surface on which the printing is occurring.


• Doctor blades must be changed over time as they can wear and become ineffective at maintaining a uniform distribution of ink. It must be ensured that the doctor blade is at the correct angle, in the correct position relative to the cylinder and that it has adequate support to maintain its position, otherwise the doctor blade may not function as desired.


    • Corrosion and wear resistance
    • This Doctor Blade removes the excess ink for better print.
    • Saves time and gives extra mileage
    • This blade gives ultra-durable long life for coating, printing, lamination
    • Minimises error even with wrong setting alignment


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